The 3 Loves Project

A Year To Become the Hero of Your Own Life | taught by Dr Debra Campbell

Course description

"The quality of love we experience with others, in ourselves and in flow with our passions, ultimately defines the quality of our lives".

So Let's Keep This Really Simple: There are 3 Great Loves that Deeply Enhance Positive Mental Health, Courage & Life Satisfaction:


1. Self-compassion (or self-respect)

2. Mindful relationships with other beings (human, animal or other!) &

3. Passions - thing(s) we love that challenge, engage and put us in a state of FLOW

Unfortunately, many people don't know how to cultivate these great loves to heal and enrich their lives, because they've simply never been taught. 

They may feel pushed around by an over-active inner critic, caught in painful relationship patterns, or unsure where to find flow and passion for life.


Each day for a year, the 3 Loves Project provides bite-sized life lessons to develop these 3 loves of your life, for positive mental health, courage, greater self-esteem, better relationships & emotional freedom.

Each lesson builds upon the previous ones to create new self-awareness, personal transformation and inner strength in you, over the long-term.


This is a Massive Program for Positive Mental Health & Personal Growth, Presented in Daily Chunks as a Regular, Reliable, Supportive Presence in Your Days for An Entire Year.

The Program Will Help You to Feel More:

Confident, Forgiving and Courageous

The basis of positive mental health is treating yourself compassionately, in your thoughts and actions.

You'll learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions mindfully every day so you can ease anxiety, grow in your confidence and self-esteem and feel lighter.

You'll learn to manage your Inner Critic and be a friend to yourself.

Become your own hero, instead of 'your own worst enemy'.


Mindful, Loving and Calm in Relationships

 Get super-clear on how to heal misunderstandings and build intimacy and trust in relationships, romantic and otherwise.

Learn how to engage more deeply with family and friends.

Lessen anger and manage conflict more effectively.

Understand how to deal with difficult people in your life.


Passionate, In Flow, Self-Aware and Less Anxious

Learn how to be less distracted and develop better concentration.

Identify and use your strengths and talents.

Find more opportunities for pleasure and achievement every day.


Let's Get Started Now

Although we're always so busy, we're frequently hungry for what really matters.

 We strive to find some kind of life balance, or put routines in place but we can't find the energy or motivation to keep them going. Often that means we're not being fully true to ourselves yet about what we enjoy and what matters most.

We ask ourselves:

How can I find freedom and passion when I live on the edge of overwhelm, trying to do everything?

How do I do self-care when it's just adding more stress to my life?

How do I work out what really makes me feel satisfied with my life?

How do accept myself in all my flaws?

How do I fix my relationship?

In two decades as a psychologist I've been asked for solutions to these dilemmas many times.

You can and will answer all of these questions when you have the right perspectives, tools and strategies. 

The truth is, the simplest, most profound and authentic path to designing and living your best life is to be guided by the 3 loves of your life.

Everyday for a year, I'll be here with practical coaching to keep you on your path to inner discoveries that will help you live how you want to live, now and in your future. From articles, tools, tips, new science, daily practices, audios, videos, and personal stories - each lesson builds one upon another to develop your self-compassion, self-esteem, mindfulness, healthy relationships and living your passions. 

Prioritising these great loves of your life as a never-fail compass in your inner and outer journeys and decisions, will guide new habits that will last a lifetime because they come from what you LOVE. 

Each daily installment is created to stay with you throughout your day as you redesign your world from the inside-out, to truly reflect your values and desires.

Some of the topics you'll cover over the 365 lessons include:

Learning  to unplug from stress and overwhelm

Healing shame

Dealing with unhelpful thoughts

Transforming anxiety into helpful energy

Living mindfully

Extreme self-care

Setting boundaries and healing relationships

Developing one-minute habits that will work exponentially to support you 

Expanding your self-awareness of what gives you joy


Releasing old stories

Being enough

Flourishing in a life of your design.

At the end of each week you'll reflect upon and make sure you've integrated the messages of the preceding week.

You can go back over the articles, exercises and lessons as many times as you'd like to throughout the year.

No matter what time of the year it is, it's time to invest in your emotional intelligence and positive mental health.

This is how it unfolds: 

Each week 7 new lessons will be published here for you - each one designed to build on the previous lessons, every day for 365 days.

122 days of self compassion

122 days of building better relationships (family, romantic, friendships and beyond)

121 days of developing your passions & finding your flow.

You can submit questions as we go and each week I'll do my best to answer them all.

Give yourself the gift of wisdom and support from an expert psychologist to design the life and relationships you most desire. 

Lets Get Started!

Dr Debra Campbell
Dr Debra Campbell
Author, Psychologist

Author, psychologist, couple therapist and former university lecturer in Marriage and Relationships, Dr Debra Campbell has worked in private practice consulting on everything from panic to depression and parenting problems. For a number of years she worked as a couple therapist at Relationships Australia.

Prior to psychology Debra taught yoga and meditation, so mindfulness remains a cornerstone of her work in mental health and couple relationship rehab. She was the Director of Hobsons Bay Yoga and Natural Health and Newport Yoga Centre for over a decade. Her research has been published in psychological journals in Australia and the USA.

Debra's first major book Lovelands is available now on Amazon and in stores.