Course description

All you need to create a closer, hotter, more lasting relationship.

Your DIY private Couple Retreat all takes place online in your own time and space. It's all about infusing your life and relationship with fresh passion, skills and wisdom. This self-paced journey is perfect for turning up the heat, having some fun together and revolutionising your intimacy and communication.

Alongside practical wisdom and exercises, the retreat includes the stress management tools that many couples need to get into a fun and intimate mood.

You can begin your retreat anytime and go through the modules in your own time and space individually or together. You can also email me, psychologist Dr Debra Campbell at The School of Love for extra support.

Let’s get started!

Dr Debra Campbell

Dr Debra Campbell

Author, Psychologist

Author, psychologist, couple therapist and former university lecturer in Marriage and Relationships, Dr Debra Campbell has worked in private practice consulting on everything from panic to depression and parenting problems. For a number of years she worked as a couple therapist at Relationships Australia.

Prior to psychology Debra taught yoga and meditation, so mindfulness remains a cornerstone of her work in mental health and couple relationship rehab. She was the Director of Hobsons Bay Yoga and Natural Health and Newport Yoga Centre for over a decade. Her research has been published in psychological journals in Australia and the USA.

Debra's first major book Lovelands is available now on Amazon and in stores.

Course Includes

9 Videos

1 Quiz

12 Texts

17 PDFs

15.0 hrs