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Dr Debra Campbell
Dr Debra Campbell
Author, Psychologist

About the Instructor

Author, psychologist, couple therapist and former university lecturer in Marriage and Relationships, Dr Debra Campbell has worked in private practice consulting on everything from panic to depression and parenting problems. For a number of years she worked as a couple therapist at Relationships Australia.

Prior to psychology Debra taught yoga and meditation, so mindfulness remains a cornerstone of her work in mental health and couple relationship rehab. She was the Director of Hobsons Bay Yoga and Natural Health and Newport Yoga Centre for over a decade. Her research has been published in psychological journals in Australia and the USA.

Debra's first major book Lovelands is available now on Amazon and in stores.

Here's 6 days of inspiration and practical strategies for ramping up the passion and fun in your relationship this week and forever after.

Love is not enough for a great relationship.


But if love means to you nothing more than excitement, passion, lust and yearning to be together then no, it isn't nearly enough to sustain a relationship over time.

Relationships take some serious skills, some selflessness on occasion, self-awareness, emotional self-management, patience, openness and long term commitment and creativity.

Feel like you need some help with all that?

I'm couple therapist Debra and I've seen too many couples screw things up mightily by not prioritising their relationship until it was too late. Most people don't hit therapy until something's seriously wrong and they've lost most of what they had - but there's so much you can do everyday to prevent that ever happening.

My online 6 day couple retreat-at-home, is a great place to start and it's free.

I'll give you tips, inspiration and manageable action steps to get you prioritising love and having more fun.

Sign in and do it whenever, wherever.

Just BE the love that you ARE.

Course Contents

10 Texts
2 PDFs
5.0 hrs